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Kids Entertainment

The organisers of the MiWay Wally Hayward Marathon, in partnership with several sponsors, realise that the Wally is a family event and that many of our participants are indeed families who participate in various races on the day. Many also have small children, who would love to also take part.


We have therefore made a Children's Entertainment available at minimal cost. 


The children will get nutritional food and drinks, as well as goodie bags. They will be looked after by professional kids event staff, which will also provide toys and games for the kids.


Cost: R 50 per 3-10 yr old child – from 05h00 to 11h30

The kids will enjoy 2 SPUR jumping castles, face painting, coloring in, soft toys, SPUR mascots, 2 toilets within the HUGE entertainment area, a closed off soccer area, safe fencing to ground level all around the play area, with 9 SPUR gazebos and a huge spider tent for shade, sunscreen kindly donated by PINK DRIVE, hot chocolate and other healthy food and drinks, and LOTS of other entertainment, with experienced KIDS ONLY EVENTS adult supervision.

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