• Electronic timing for the 10 km, 21.1 km as well as the 42.2 km will be done by Finish Time.

  • You do not need to bring or buy a timing chip. Your timing chip will be included in your race number, at no additional cost.

  • Your results on the Web site will include both your “gun to mat” time as well as your “mat to mat” time.

    • “Gun to Mat” time is the term used for the time from the sound of the gun starting the race to the moment you cross the mat at the finish line.

    • “Mat to Mat” time is the term used when timing is done electronically from the time you cross the timing mat at the start line to the moment you cross the mat at the finish line.

  • In order for “Mat to Mat” timing to be effective, all runners must cross the timing mat at the start, the halfway mark (marathon only) and the finish line. It is therefore important to ONLY start inside the demarcated start area.

  • The rules of IAAF, ASA and AGN state that ONLY “Gun to Mat” timing can be used to determine the finish order for awards (in our case, prize money), to be given out to top finishers.

  • However, your “Mat to Mat” time will be allowed to be used as a qualifying time for the Comrades Marathon, as a kind concession by the Comrades Marathon Association.

  • The results, as well as other information, will be available on www.finishtime.co.za, after the event.

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