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Frequently asked questions


I ordered a T-shirt, when and where can I collect it?

Pre-ordered T-shirts and other pre-ordered merchandise can be collected from the Alpha Centurion Runners clubhouse. Collections can be done every Saturday and Sunday in May 2021 from 6h30 to 11h00. Please bring proof of entry (your entry confirmation email) which contains the detail of your order.

Do I need to collect anything before I start my Virtual Run?

No, you do not need to collect a race number or anything else for that matter. You can simply start your run when and whenever suits you.

Will I get a free T-shirt?

No, unless you have entered for the Taper Challenge. You will however get a fee MiWay Wally Hayward Buff if you are one of the first 1 000 entries.

I ordered a T-shirt, can I change the size?

Unfortunately not. We only produced exactly what was ordered and therefore we cannot exchage it for another size.

Will there be any facilities at the Alpha Centurion Clubhouse, should I choose to start there over a weekend?

Yes, parking as well as toilets will be available. You will also be able to leave your keys there for safekeeping while you are running. Strict Covid protocols will be followed. No mask no entry.

Will there be a leader board?

Yes, the leaderboard will be updated continuously. You can see the leader board here:

Is there any prize money on offer?

Unfortunately not. Due to the nature of the event and people running various routes, it will not be possible to award prizes.

Will there be any crowds?

Because the event will take place over a period of a month and the fact that you can run when and wherever youwant, there will not be any crowds. There will be covid protocols in place where you collect your T-shirt and other merchandise as well as your medal.

What facilities will be along the route if i choose to run the actual route over weekends?

There will be water refill stations as well as toilets on the route. Please bring a water bottle or something you can fill and carry with you.

Is there any freebies for early entries?

Yes, the first 1000 people who register will receive a free Buff. If you enter for the Taper Challenge, then you will also get a free Technical T-Shirt.

Will the routes be marked?

We can't promise it, so rather download the routes from the website and load it onto your device.

Entry Fees

10km - R100 21.1km - R110 32km - R120 42.2km - R130 Taper Challenge (42.2km, 32km, 21.1km) - R300 (which includes a Tecnical T-Shirt)

Where can I collect my medal?

You can collect your medal at the Alpha Centurion Clubhouse on any Saturday or Sunday in May (from 6h00 to 11h00).

May we run as a group of friends?

Yes, you may. Please ensure all social distancing and any other restrictions set by national or local governments are adhered to, to ensure the prevention of spreading the virus.

How many Water Refill Stations will there be on the route?

There will be one for the 10km, 2 for the 21.1km, 4 for the 32km and 5 for the 42.2km. The 10km station will be at approximately 5km. The 21.1km stations will be at approximately 7km and 14km. The 32km stations will be at approximately 7km, 14km, 21km and 26km. The 42km stations will be at approximately 7km, 14km, 21km, 28km and 35km.

Should I run with my club colours?

No, please do NOT run with your club colours and especially NOT with an ASA licence number.

Can I enter on the morning at the venue?

No, unfortunately not. We have to limit the numbers as well as ensure your data is available on the system for results as well as for the Active Experience App usage.

The Taper Challenge

What is The Taper Challenge?

For those of you preparing for a virtual Comrades or other long distance runs, the MiWay Wally Hayward Taper Challenge is for you! The concept is simple; you run a 42.2km, a 32km a 21.1km in a space of 5 weeks. You can run them in any sequence and at any point or on any route. Free T-shirt included.

Do I get a free T-shirt if I enter the Taper Challenge?

Yes, you do.

Can I run my three races in any sequence?

Yes, you are more than welcome to mix it up and run them in any sequence.

Is the entries for the Taper Challenge still open?

Unfortunately not.

Covid-19 protocols

Do I need to wear a facemask when running?

According to the adjusted Level 3 regulations (34) 4 You are NOT required to wear a facemask when 'vigorously' exercising outdoors provided you keep a distance of 1.5m between yourself and any other person. However, we strongly advise at the very least carrying a buff and raising it when approaching any other person.

What other COVID-19 measures are in place?

You will be required to wear a buff or facemask when on the club property. Alpha Centurion Runners also has a COVID-19 register and does temperature scans at the gate. There is plenty of outdoor space and seating for your peace of mind. Sanitiser is available at the club, please sanitise regularly. No mask, no entry.

The Route

I want to run the original Wally route, where is the start and the finish?

We will provide you with the .gpx file which you can upload to your watch/device. You can therfore start your run at any point on the route. The suggested start point are however at the Alpha Centurion Runners Clubhouse.

Can I download the routes?

Yes, absolutely. You will find the .gpx files here.

Postnet Option

I selected and paid the Postnet option, when will I get my goodies?

We will start the distribution process on the 4th of May and will do them in batches every week. If you entered before the 25th of April then yours will be in the first batch.

How will I know when my parcel is available for pickup?

You will get an sms from Postnet when your parcel is ready for collection.


How does the timing work?

There are no timing chips. You have two options:

  1. Run with the Active Experience App. You will then be notified when you reach your race distance. You will be able to submit your times automatically using the app as soon as you are done with your run.
    1. Get it on Android here
    2. Get it on iOS here
  2. You will need to time yourself using your watch or phone and submit your race number and elapsed time at

Is there a cut-off time?

If you run your own route, then no. If you run the actual route, then take note that although there will not be a cut-off time, the water refill stations and other facilities, including the clubhouse, will close at 11h00.

The Venue

Where is the venue?

In Edinburg street, Clubview, Centurion:

Is it at the same venue as previous years?

No, it will be at the Alpha Centurion Runners Clubhouse.