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Mukuru is a leading next-generation financial services platform in Southern Africa that offers affordable and reliable financial services to customers. Our core was built to provide international money transfers, and from this base we’ve developed a wide range of products and services to address the broader financial needs of our customers. 

The Mukuru Card is a great solution for people living in South Africa who do not have an ID document and may not have access to opening a bank account. The Mukuru Card can be acquired with a foreign passport as documentation and allows your salary to be paid directly onto the Card. You can buy airtime and electricity, pay DStv, swipe at retailers, make EFT payments to bank accounts in South Africa, shop online and send money to family and friends in over 50 countries across Africa, Europe and Asia using the money on your Mukuru Card. 

Mukuru enables transactions across physical and digital channels by various payment methods and engagement platforms including WhatsApp, USSD, Mukuru App, agents and a branch and booth network. Our contact centre offers customer service in 15 different languages to suit our customers' needs. 

Sign up for the Mukuru Card today!  


WhatsApp +2786 001 8555 or click here for more information

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Spur Steak Ranches is committed to keeping you happy, healthy and active.

Spur will also be involved with the Kids Entertainment Area and will be providing healthy and nutritional food (and snacks), as well as entertainment, to the 300 kids enjoying the area while you are out on the route.



Welcome to WIRUlink, where the relentless spirit of marathon runners and spectators meets the pinnacle of digital connectivity. At WIRUlink, we understand that the path to greatness, whether paved with asphalt, gravel single track or streamed through fibre, requires unwavering dedication, resilience, and the right partners by your side.

As a leading provider of fibre and wireless internet access and telephone services, WIRUlink champions the seamless integration of life and technology. Our commitment extends beyond the track, offering homes and businesses the foundation to reach unprecedented heights. From high-speed internet that keeps you ahead in the digital race to reliable telephone services that connect you to your cheering squad, WIRUlink is there at every milestone.

For competitors and spectators alike, we offer the freedom to share triumphs, strategize in real-time, and immerse in the camaraderie that defines the marathon experience. Our presence at the event, providing complimentary WiFi, is a testament to our belief in community, connection, and the transformative power of our services.

Join us in the journey beyond the finish line. With WIRUlink, empower your home or business to compete in the global arena, embrace opportunities, and celebrate every victory along the way. Welcome to WIRUlink – where every connection is a stride towards excellence.

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Epic Sports

Epic Sports have expanded on their range and now also stock running and trail running shoes and apparel. Check out their latest offerings.

They will be leading the way in terms of the expo area and will bring along many of there partners to showcase their products. 

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