The Start


​The start is in West avenue, right outside the rugby stadium. The start line is very wide, so runners will be able to get into their stride soon after crossing the start-line.


Take note o the following important information:

  • Runners must fill from the back. 

  • Self-seeding must be done. Please seed yourself according to your estimated finish time.

  • Runners must cross the start-line to record a start time. Failure to cross the start-line will lead to disqualification. 

  • Mat-to-mat timing will be used once again.

    • See Timing for all the details​

Start times:

  • Marathon and Half Marathon Start

    • 06h30

  • 10km Start

    • 7h00​

  • 5km Start

    • 7h10​

  • 1km Start

    • 9h00/10h00/11h00​