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  • The race will be run in accordance with the rules of ASA and AGN. Athletes indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organizers of the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, arising out of their participation in the race.

  • Registered athletes must wear the current year’s license number at the front and back of their vests and, if issued with a race number, this must be worn on the front of the vest, with both numbers being visible.

  • Temporary licensed athletes must wear the temporary licence at the back of their vests, with the race number at the front of their vests.

  • All licensed athletes competing for age category prizes must wear age category tags, clearly visible, on the front and back of their vests. Proof of age for prize winners may be required to be presented to referees before prize giving. Prizes could be withheld until ages have been confirmed.

  • Walkers competing for prize money must wear W tags on the front and back of their vests.

  • No seconding will be allowed.

  • Wheelchair athletes will be welcome.

  • No roller blades, bicycles or mechanically operated devices will be allowed in the race.

  • No animals will be allowed to accompany athletes.

  • No iPods or listening devices will be permitted to be used by athletes.

  • Minimum ages: 10km - 14yrs, 21.1km - 16yrs, 42.2km - 20yrs.

  • Temporary licensed athletes will be eligible for open and category prizes, provided they have age category tags clearly visible at the back and front of their vests.

  • All traffic officers and officials instructions to be obeyed.

  • Water points will be available approximately every 3 km.

  • Your race numbers must not cover the logos on the ASA licence. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

General Information


  • Medical support will be present on race day.

  • Walkers may enter for any event. The cut-off times stipulated will apply to both runners and walkers.

  • Any participant in the 42.2km event, who has not reached the 21.1km/42.2km split (approximately 20.7 km mark) in 2 hours 40 minutes, will not be permitted to proceed on the 42.2km route and will be routed to the 21.1km finish.

  • Club trailers and tents: Will be allowed. They must be erected at the venue between 13h00 and 18h00 on Tuesday 30 April 2024, no exceptions.
    There will be NO access to the venue for cars and trailers.

  • Please arrive early to avoid congestion. Follow signs and obey instructions from Marshalls along the routes.

  • Due to the irrigation system, just below the surface of the rugby field, club gazebos will only be allowed to be erected in the clearly demarcated area. Any club that erects a gazebo outside of the demarcated area will be held liable for any damage they may cause.

  • No vehicles will be permitted on the field at any stage. 

  • NO GLASS BOTTLES, GLASSES, etc. may be brought into the venue due to the nature of the sport being practiced there. Any party who transgresses may be fined R1000.

  • No spot prizes 

  • Entry fees, as well as additional purchases, are NOT refundable: In the unlikely event of the race being cancelled, entry fees as well as additional purchases will not be refunded, returned, cancelled or exchanged on account of the weather or any unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the event organisers. 

  • Please do not discard water sachets/cups in gardens or drains, drop them in the bins provided or directly on the road.

  • Toilets will be available at every water point.

  • The venue must be evacuated by 15h00.

  • Race results will be available on after the event.

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