Wally Merchandise

The sales of the 2022 Casual T-shirts and Bucket Hats are now closed as the suppliers need time to manufacture and pack them for us. There will NOT be any of these items on sale at number collection or on race day. 

There will however be limited 2020 edition technical T-shirts, casual T-shirts as well as running vizors available at massively discounted prices. The more you buy the cheaper they will become. All the proceeds will be donated to charity. These items can not be pre-ordered and will only be available at number collection on a first come first served basis. 

All the 2022 items not collected by the end of the event will be donated to charity, as was the case the last couple of years. 

2020 Casual T-shirts and Technical shirts - ON SALE at number collection - R50 each or 3 for R100

Running T-shirt.jpg
Retro T-shirt 1.jpg

2022 Casual T-shirts and Bucket hats - SOLD OUT

Bucket hat.PNG