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Substitutions and Up and Downgrades are no longer allowed.


Substitutions and Up and Downgrades will not be allowed.


Monday 29 April 2024: 15h00 to 19h00

Tuesday 30 April 2024: 13h00 to 19h00

The FinishTime Passort will only go live at 14h00 on Monday the 29th. Only then will the Wally show up on the list of races.

What you should do by then is download the app and create a profile.

  1. Substitutions and Up and Downgrades will ONLY be allowed on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April 2024, at the venue at R 50 per change.

    1. The process:

      1. Download the FinishTime Passport here:

        1. Android

        2. iOS

    2. Register and create a profile for yourself.

    3. Bring along the email confirmation of the person to be substituted.

    4. Collect the race number.

    5. Take this race number to the substitution table.

    6. Assistants will assist you further.

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